• ACUS One 8 Black
  • ACUS One 8 Black
  • ACUS One 8 Black
  • ACUS One 8 Black
  • ACUS One 8 Black
  • ACUS One 8 Black
  • ACUS One 8 Black

ACUS One 8 Black

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Référence : ACOUHCQEC9
Catégorie : Guitares
Marque : ACUS

Détails produit

Acoustic instruments amplifier ONE FOR STRINGS 8, 200W, three channels, reverb, black coating

Features three inputs (two mic-line and one line) complete with peak led, gain, 3-band EQ, effect send and volume.

The versatility of this model is enhanced by an aux input with dedicated volume control and 2-band EQ; two direct outputs (line and rec) and a manual "feedback canceller" filter.
The headphone output with dedicated volume control and eight high-quality digital effects round out the multi-faceted feautures of the system.


Frequency Response : 40Hz - 20kHz
Max power out : 200W RMS
System format : 2 way biamp
Woofer power : 150W RMS
Tweeter / horn power : 50W RMS
Sensitivity 1W 1m : 95dB
SPL Max : 116dB
Crossover : electronic
Woofer size : 8"
High freq driver : compression tweeter
Box : 2 way bass reflex
Construction : plywood
Weight : 13kg
Dimensions : height: 39cm, width: 32cm, depth: 27.5cm

Acus Sound Engineering developed the Oneforstrings range to amplify the sound level of all acoustic instruments (notably acoustic and classical guitars) without altering their natural tone or resonance. Oneforstrings amps are designed in minimalist style, with custom speakers, cabinets and highly reliable electronic components, all together capable of amplifying harmonics with natural tone. Oneforstrings can also be used as a mini PA system. It is versatile and responsive, with a full range of functions specifically tailored for acoustic instruments.

The product line, which is in continual development, consists of 4 amplifiers and an extension (for those who simply want to expand the sound reach of their own amplifiers without altering tone). Each unit differs from the other by channels and power, meeting all musicians’ requirements.

We list some planning and construction details, all conceived in Italy at the Recanati plant:

The innovative and stylish control panel features custom styled knobs, micrometric and functional. With equalisation, the tone controls modify frequency levels without suppressing the original note, even at lower and upper registers. The whole range also features multiple channels and reverb with processors exclusive to Acus. Also provided are line outs, mic and auxiliary inputs.

Acus’ designers, in consultation with top-flight instrumentalists, have developed bi-amplified power sections in the electronic components capable of creating a high bandwidth and slew-rate. Within the preamplifiers there are class A output stages in strategic positions, able to offer a very warm valve-like tone typical of studio amps.

- The speakers are made in Italy to Acus’ specifications. Each model has the capacity to respond to changes in dynamics.

- The compact and lightweight speaker cabinet is handmade in natural wood, with the correct size to power ratio. The natural version emphasises the minimalist design and look of Acus products. It is birch ply with a protective polyester top coat.

- The accessories - such as the protective metal grille and carry handles – are unique specifications, with real attention to design detail and functionality.

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